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Cyprus car Bazar is a website that you can find easily a used car to buy. The user friendly search fields can make your research of a used car extremely easy. Just think of what you are looking for , filter it , and get the results that fits your needs.


One of the most user friendly funcion of Cyprus Car Bazar is the way you submit a used car to sell it. Very easy to do it! Just login by pressing the Facebook login/register button and immediately you are logged in and ready to submit your used car.If you are not using Facebook you can register the old way, using your email address. Every user has his own panel to manage his cars. you can view the history and edit or delete your listings. You can also edit your profile, like telephone number , name even your picture! There is an option to let the visitors email you with a submition form which will be available on your listings. You can easily submit a new car. There is an explanation intro which guides you with the steps you have to follow and the fields you have to fill in. Just write your title and your description, choose the specifications of your car , upload your car images, and that’s it! we will review your used car listing and we will aprove it within 24 hours.

Cyprus needs to update the way of selling used cars, and this is Cyprus Car Bazar!

And Don’t forget, IT’S FREE!